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DEFENSE - Each time the Comets allow one goal or less, each player in attendance will be awarded this dandy. We will also reward outstanding goal keeping with this defensive patch.
Awarded for each Comet WIN - for all players who attend the game. This could yield 10 patches for this season alone!
Earn one of these beauties each time you ATTEND 4 PRACTICES. Practices don't have to be in a row - just one patch for every four attended.
SKILLS - Players are awarded the green patch by demonstrating knowledge and skills during game situations. Knowing the proper strategy for corner kicks, goal kicks, throw ins, kick offs, penalty kicks and others without being told - will earn players these sweet babies!
HUSTLE - another very important patch for outstanding hustle while working in one's position. Wondering all over the field won't win you this gem - you need to hustle but stay in position!
TEAM WORK - passing, having a good attitude, cheering for your teammates, paying attention on the bench and showing good sportsmanship will earn this highly sought after symbol.
This award is for outstanding BRAVERY & AGGRESSIVENESS. This will be a very difficult patch to achieve and is earned by being tough (no crying) and or for (clean) aggressive play. This patch is very special and any player who earns this should be very proud!

This year, each Comet Player can earn patches for their outstanding accomplishments in practice and at games. Each patch has a different meaning and is meant to be an incentive for each player to strive to earn. There is no limit to the number of patches a player can earn so by the end of the season they could have quite a few. Patches should be displayed by attaching to the left sleeve of the game jersey with an iron. With multiple washings it may be a good idea to also stitch them into the jersey as well, but that is your choice. As we explained to each child, there is one rule to earning patches besides demonstrating the proper skill, attitude, or team play - DO NOT ASK TO BE REWARDED WITH A PATCH. The coaches will award patches at the end of the following practice. There will be no patches presented on game day. We will continue to award patches next season too, so it should be a lot of fun and a sense of pride for each player to try and earn as many of these as possible. You can help too, by encouraging your child and practicing with them.

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