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Subject: Blitz 98 Red - Patch Program

For the upcoming Soccer Season I intend to continue our "Patch Program". For those girls new to the team, the idea for the patches is to reward the girls for accomplishments and behaviors that will make this season a success both individually and as a team!

Rules for earning individual patches will be similar to last year and are described on the following pages.

Placing the patches on streamers on the backpacks was a great idea (thanks Kelley for recommending it)! The streamers really allow us to proudly display the patches and uniquely identify our Blitz 98 Red backpacks from within the crowd!

To help facilitate and organize the patch program this season, Matt has offered to collect the girls streamers when the patches are awarded (approximately once per month) and iron them on for the girls, returning the streamers shortly afterwards. This will help ensure that patches don't get lost, as I'm sure some may have last season.

If anyone has any other recommendations on how to simplify or better organize this program, please let me know!

Coach Rick

Blitz 98 Red - PATCH PROGRAM



At the end of each game, I will identify 2 players as the Most Valuable Players (MVP) of the game and will earn the MVP Patch. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) will be determined based on their leadership and attitude that they displayed during the entire game. This is the person that provided the team with the spark, energy, and consistency to win! The two MVP's of the previous game will be the Co-Captains for the next game.

red_star_patch VICTORY Patch

For each VICTORY, everyone present at the game will earn a VICTORY Patch. WINNING GAMES IS A FULL TEAM EFFORT!

Gold Star Patch GOAL Differential Patch

Awarded after each game for a positive Goal Differential - Goals Scored - Goals Against equal number of patches earned for EACH member of the team present at that game. SCORING GOALS AND PROVIDING DEFENSE ARE A FULL TEAM EFFORT!

The following three patches will only be awarded on rare occasions in which a player displays awe inspiring, jaw dropping performance in the categories listed below:

Blue White Patch Hustle

Awarded for incredible and consistent hustle (while maintaining position)!

Black White Patch Skills

Awarded for an outstanding demonstration of skill and/or knowledge!

red_star_patch BraveHeart

Awarded for a superior act of Bravery!


Juggling patches are awarded for completing continuous ball "juggles" in the following quantities:

White Red Patch 1st Patch awarded for 5 continuous juggles.

2nd Patch awarded for 10 continuous juggles.

3rd Patch awarded for 20 continuous juggles.

White Blue Patch 1st Patch awarded for 35 continuous juggles.

2nd Patch awarded for 50 continuous juggles.

3rd Patch awarded for 75 continuous juggles.

Gold Blue Patch ULTIMATE JUGGLING PATCH - Awarded for 100 continuous Juggles!!


Last but certainly NOT LEAST, are the ATTENDANCE Patches (MY FAVORITE)!!!!!!! These patches are intended to reward the girls for great attendance at practice.

Blue Star Patch Awarded each time you have achieved 6 practices.
Gold Star Patch Awarded for every "PERFECT" Month. This means not missing ANY practice sessions or games for the entire month. Logo

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