Diagrams & Parts of Soccer Field

This soccer field diagram is used by SoccerHelp to show the names of parts of the field; not for showing dimensions. Soccer field dimensions will vary greatly among soccer leagues. check with your league for dimensions of the field you will play on.

Soccer Field Diagram and Parts of a Soccer Field


  1. The Penalty Box includes the Goal Box
  2. Areas include the lines that define them (e.g., the ball is not out of bounds until it totally crosses the line; and the ball must totally cross the line between the goal posts to score).
  3. See "Center Circle" and "Field Size" definition in the Dictionary

"Spread the Field" Soccer Goal Kick Positions
Showing Kicker's 1st, 2nd & 3rd Choices)

  • Diagram is one-half of a 50' x 100' field
  • The Goalkeeper is shown taking the kick
  • "X" is the player's position (If the kicker can kick farther, move the MF's & F's back)
Soccer Goal Kick Positions

A. Start with ball in middle of Goal Box line so the other team must defend both sides

B. Ideally, use the Goalkeeper to kick or a kicker who can pass with his right or left foot

C. Sweeper (SW) always follows the kick (i.e., follows the ball)

D. The receiver should let the ball clear the Penalty Box before touching it. If he doesn't, the referee is supposed to require the kick be taken over, but there is no penalty unless the receiver repeatedly breaks the rule. (Defenders must stay out of the Penalty Box until the ball clears the Penalty Box).

E. If the kick is to the left (or right), everyone shifts that way & the FB & MF farthest from the ball shift to the front of the goal to protect in case the ball is lost

F. 1st preference is a pass to the sidePass to sideto LFB or RFB (left fullback or right fullback)

G. 2nd preference is a pass to the RMF or LMFPass to MF

H. 3rd preference is a long kick over the CMF or to open space toward the side linePass to CMF

I. If the pass is Pass or Low Pass, then take the ball out to the side line & pass it down the side line to the next player. Try to keep it out of the center on your end of the field.

J. If the pass is to the CFB or CMF, they should quickly send a long ball out to the RF or LF (do not dribble in the center close to our goal)