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"I can't say enough about the tried and true results of using these patches! This very same team that lost ALL 8 games in the fall, won 7 out of 8 games this spring!!! The kids wanted those patches!!!" Coach Gayla, Missouri

"It would have not been possible for us to win the tournament without the help presented on SoccerHelp Premium." Corey

"My players love the soccer patches and are always eager to earn a patch. I am seeing amazing results from the patches and Premium soccer drills. Dribble Across a Square, the Defensive Footwork drills and Chips/Lofted passes drills have helped my players and I see it in games. My U8 team just beat the best team in the league which last season beat us easily." Kevin, MD, U8 and U10, Premium member

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About SoccerHelp

The SoccerHelp Program is the best program for most youth soccer coaches because it teaches 3 things - the best way to train soccer skills, how to successfully coach young players, and how to motivate players. There are 1,000 Testimonials from coaches about the success they have had using the SoccerHelp Program. If you use our program, your players will have fun and improve much faster than they would using other programs.

The key to our training program is our exclusive No Lines Drills that are Practice Games. "No Lines" means "No Standing in Line". Standing in line wastes a lot of time and is boring. Our No Lines Drills train players twice as fast as typical drills. So, one practice is like 2 practices, 2 practices are like 4 practices, and 3 practices is like 6 practices. You will see improvement after one or 2 practices. Skeptical? Read the Testimonials. Each No Line Drill tells the age range it is for and what it teaches. Most of our drills and games are copyrighted and only on SoccerHelp.

There are over 500 Coaching Tips and lots about how to teach positions and formations.

We believe in Positive Motivation and sell Motivational Iron-On Incentive Patches that work great to motivate players to attend practice, to hustle, and to do whatever the coach wants. Coaches use them to motivate and reward players. SoccerHelp explains how to motivate players and there are over 400 Testimonials from coaches.

There are 300 pages of free information on SoccerHelp and we offer Soccerhelp Premium, which has 1,500 pages and 5,000 links for easy navigation. We also offer soccer coaching DVDs, Streaming Video, and subscriptions to Coach Doug's website for U4 and U6 coaches and the Advanced Soccer tactics website.