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We have sold over 5 million patches and keep 500,000 patches in stock ready-to-ship. You can read over 400 Testimonials for our patches and service at Testimonials for SoccerHelp Patches and Service.

The Sample Patches are a way for customers to check out our patches for a very low cost or to buy a small number. If you are buying 30 patches or less, it is cheaper to buy Sample Packs because they have Free Shipping. But if you are buying 40 or more patches, it is cheaper to buy at because you can get Quantity Discounts and a low, flat shipping cost. Our average order is 100 patches and some leagues, churches and schools buy thousands.

FREE SAMPLES FOR ORGANIZATIONS AROUND THE WORLD. If you are an official of an organization such as a League, School, PTA, Club, Academy, Camp, Retailer, Business, Booster Club, or Church who could potentially buy 200 or more patches, we will send you Free Sample Patches (this includes any sport, band, cheerleading, schools, etc.). To qualify, all you have to do is email us your name, address, phone number, the organization name, the website address and your position in the organization. We will check your website and mail you the patches by First Class Mail. We will call you if we have any questions. Click here to Email us the information about your Organization so we can send the Free Sample Patches. If you are not an officer but want to obtain samples for your organization, simply have an officer contact us.

SAMPLES WITH FREE SHIPPING. We sell Samples with Free Shipping and for larger quantities we offer discounted prices and a low, flat rate shipping.

  • 3 patches with Free Shipping are $1.99
  • 4 patches with Free Shipping are $2.39
  • 5 patches with Free Shipping are $2.69
  • 6 patches with Free Shipping are $2.99
  • 10 patches with Free Shipping are $4.99

There is no limit on how many Sample Packs you can buy. Order Samples With Free Shipping

Note that our Star Patches are on a one-inch round patch with a white background. The reason is that they adhere better - the star points don't start to peel off - and they look great, the white background looks great on any color and the Stars show up no matter what color they are ironed on. We have tried it both ways.