U4 Soccer Drills & U-4 Coaching Tips

Watch Free U4 Soccer Drills Videos and Coaching Tips

Our U4 Soccer Drills for kids 3 and 4 years old are games and there are NO LINES. That means what it says - there are NOT any lines. Our U4 soccer drills keep kids active and they are all practicing soccer and having fun. The best way to see the difference is to watch the videos. You will immediately see that our U4 soccer drills are different and you will also see that the kids are all having great fun.

Below are links to videos that show kids who are age 3 and 4 playing our U4 soccer drills. Some of the kids have just turned 3.

This is the Coach Doug SoccerHelp method of teaching U4 soccer players how to play soccer.

There are 7 free U4 soccer coaching videos that you can watch. The first one shows the Hit the Coach â„¢ soccer drill game. It is easy and great fun. Your players will learn how to dribble and kick the ball while looking up simply by playing this game.

Hit the Coachâ„¢ U4 Soccer Drill Video

Dribbling and "Go Score" U4 Soccer Drill Video

How to Have Fun Practices that Teach Soccer Video

A Better Way To Teach Dribbling and Soccer Skills Video

Shy U4 Soccer Player Gains Confidence Video -- Watch This!

Soccer Shooting and Kicking Video

How to Use Soccer Patches for Fun and to Motivate Players Video