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NO LINES U10 Soccer Drills and Practice Games are a much better way to practice than using line drills because standing in line is boring and a waste of practice time. Our U10 Soccer Drills will train your players 2 or 3 times faster than if you use lines drills, and they are a lot more fun.

Our U10 soccer drills keep score. Keeping score creates competition and competition causes players to play as fast as possible, so players learn how to play fast while under pressure. The result is that our U10 soccer drills prepare players better for real soccer matches. That is why we have received over 300 Testimonials from coaches. Some of them and a link to over 300 are below.

If you use our U10 soccer drills your players will get a lot more touches on the ball and will learn more at each practice, so they will improve faster. You will immediately notice the difference and you will see results within one or two practices.

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Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race ™ U10 Soccer Drill

Dribble Across A Square ™ U10 Drill that is a Game

Aggressive Play, Strength on the Ball & Bravery Soccer Drill ™

Throw-Ins Teaching Game™ U10 Soccer Drill

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40 Videos of Soccer Drills, Tactics and Coaching Tips

What U10 Soccer Coaches Say About SoccerHelp

"In the Fall of 2010 my girls soccer team went 5 wins, 1 loss, 2 ties. In the Spring, I had 11 returning players and went 6-0-2 undefeated, beating every team in the league at least once. This Fall we switched to the Co-Ed league and played our first match against an all boys team beating them soundly 4-1. My girls move better, understand more and play like a team of older kids. I can't thank SoccerHelp.com enough."

-Coach Brad, U10-12, NC

"I love SoccerHelp! I'm convinced it is what makes my mediocre team successful. We had 2 games today - 15-2 and 3-1. Both teams had bigger, faster kids on them but we won both games. You're so right - kids with little talent can be successful if they just learn to be BRAVE! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

--Donna, U10 soccer coach

Read 300 Testimonials from Coaches