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Free Soccer Skills & Coaching Videos

Soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving and throw-ins are critical to good play.

Basic soccer skills such passing, receiving and throw-ins are explained below. More information can be found on SoccerHelp Premium.

I strongly recommend you teach "Passing to Space" and "Aggressive Receiving" -- Passing to Space is easier for beginning players and will result in much better ball movement, better ball possession, use of Open Space and "field vision". Aggressive Receiving is a better way to teach receiving and will result in a big improvement in your players and their ability to retain the ball.

It is difficult to explain soccer skills in print. For demonstrations that you and your players can watch to learn the skills, and that show how to teach the skills, we recommend the following DVD's. You can read detailed reviews by clicking the links and visiting the Sccerhelp Shop: Coerver Play Great Soccer2-DVD Set, Mia Hamm Soccer Secrets, England Skills Uncovered (19 skills are demonstrated by professional players), Soccer Success One On One Coaching, Gol! (Brazilian Foot Skills and Ball Control Training Program), Super Soccer Skills and Just Kickin' It.

For More Soccer Skills And Soccer Moves Go To SoccerHelp Premium.

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READ THIS: We recommend you NOT tell U4 and U6 players that they should pass the ball during games because it confuses them and can diminish their dribbling skills and aggressiveness with the ball - most simply don't have the mental capacity to decide when to dribble and when to pass. We recommend you focus on teaching dribbling and kicking the ball, and recommend you DON'T teach players that it's wrong to dribble and score, and DON'T teach them that it's better to pass the ball than it is to dribble. We recommend teaching passing at U8. HOWEVER, it is a good idea to practice having U4 & U6 players to kick the ball to each other (a very simple form of passing) and teach them movement off the ball. If they pass the ball on their own in a game, GREAT - just don't tell them to do it or not to do it. For more about this, see the article titled How and When to Teach Passing.

Following are links to descriptions of how to teach some basic skills on SoccerHelp:

1. Overview Of How To Teach Inside-of-Foot Passing & Receiving
2. Diagnosing & Solving Problems With 2-Touch Passing With Inside-of-Foot
3. Diagnosing & Solving Problems With Inside-of-Foot Receiving
4. Detailed Directions For Teaching Inside-of-Foot Pass
5. Detailed Directions For Teaching How To Receive a Pass With Inside-of-Foot
6. Detailed directions and videos of how to kick and shoot a soccer ball. 12 step checklist.
7. How To Teach Throw-Ins (Simple & Advanced)
  1. Simple Throw-In
  2. Advanced Throw-In
  3. Why Throw-Ins Are Important
  4. Teaching Throw-Ins Without A Ball
  5. Detailed Directions for Teaching Throw-Ins
  6. Typical Mistakes
  7. Where To Throw The Ball