U4 Soccer Drills for 3 and 4 Year Old Kids

Below are U4 Soccer Drills for coaches of ages 3 and 4 (Under 4). These U4 soccer drills are games that are fun and also teach kids the most important soccer skills. They will keep your players active and they will enjoy practice and want to come to practice. These U4 soccer drills are exclusive to SoccerHelp.

Our U4 soccer drills are simply better than line drills. NO LINES and lots of activity and fun. AND our U4 drills teach real soccer skills - kids learn by playing the games. Whether you played college soccer or never played soccer, your players will learn great skills and will love to play soccer if you use our U4 drills that are Practice Games instead of typical soccer drills.

Your players will improve at a very fast rate if you use our U4 soccer drills.

"Hit The Coachâ„¢" (U-4 and U-6) * * * * (Definitely try this) My favorite soccer drill that is a game for U4 players. It is easy, fun and the kids love it. This game teaches tremendous skills - dribbling, kicking the ball while running, looking up while dribbling and kicking the ball, getting used to contact (a very important thing for young players - because they will all be chasing the coach, they will be close together and bumping each other and it will be chaotic, which gets them used to the mental stimulus of games). This game is self-teaching and they learn by playing the game. Dribbling and kicking the ball in a crowd while looking up isn't easy and this is a fun way to learn those skills. Watch a Video of the "Hit the Coach" Practice Game.

Watch a Video About How to Teach Dribbling and the "Go Score" Practice Game

Watch a Video about How to Teach Shooting and Kicking the Ball

"Monster Invasionâ„¢" (Dribbling & concept of a field, U-4 and U-6) * * * * (Definitely try this) This is a simple, always fun game for U4 and U6 soccer practices. Every player has a ball and everyone, including the coach, has fun.