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For the Cost of a Trophy, Each Player can Earn 8 to 12 Soccer Patches

Soccer Patches Can be Earned DURING the Season and Provide, Motivation, Positive Reinforcement, More Fun, Better Retention of BOTH Players and Coaches

We Are Glad to Send Free Soccer Patches for Your Board to Consider

Hi, This is David at SoccerHelp. We have processed over 40,000 orders and will sell over a million motivational soccer patches this year.

I want to discuss with you why it makes sense for your League or Club to use our iron-on motivational soccer patches instead of giving out season-end trophies. If you haven't seen our patches, please visit our Soccer Patches page

Over 100 leagues, clubs and churches buy from us and many use our motivational soccer patches INSTEAD of season-end trophies.

1. Free Samples - I am so confident about this that I want to send your League or Club free samples of our patches. Email me at Contact David by Email or call 1-888-373-7745 and we will ship them to you. In the email, please mention your league name and a link to your website.

2. Our Patches are More Fun than Trophies - I believe youth soccer should be fun, and I know you do too. My experience is that it is more fun for everyone if players are enthusiastic, come to practice and do their best.

3. Motivation and Positive Reinforcement Over the Course of the Season, NOT Just at the End - Our patches are a motivational tool that coaches can use to motivate players to come to practice, to do their best, to have Team Spirit (want what is best for the team as opposed to being selfish), for listening to the Coach and for doing other things that your League or Club considers beneficial. Our patches are given our DURING the season and for the cost of a trophy, each player can earn 8 to 12 patches during the season. If you play 8 games, that is at least one per game.

4. What Does Your League or Club Want to Encourage? Your League Board can set out a list of acceptable AND unacceptable uses of the patches. For example, I strongly encourage a program that motivates Individual Improvement. I think every parent wants their child to improve, and if every player improves, then the team will benefit. That way, each child is measured by his or her improvement and not against someone else. Skills can be part of it, but as we know, attending practice, hustle, attitude and effort are critical to being a good player. Every kid can't be a great athlete, but every kid can have a good attitude and do his or her best. We all know that it makes a HUGE difference if we can get our players to come to practice, hustle, listen to the coach, and do their best. If those things happen, we know we will have fun, our players will improve, we will be proud, and everyone will enjoy it. On the other hand, I do not like MVP awards (in Rec sports the same players win them over and over and that can be counterproductive) and I recommend NOT giving patches for scoring goals because then every kid wants to play Forward. But I think giving a patch for great defense is a good idea, because great defense can occur anywhere on the field.

5. Life Skills - Having a good attitude, understanding the benefits of Team Work, and doing your best are important life skills.

6. Better Retention of Players and Coaches - We know that coaches and players who are having fun tend to stay involved with soccer. Based on experience with hundreds of coaches and dozens of leagues, I am certain that starting a motivational patch program will result in better retention of players and coaches.

7. Over 350 Testimonials for Our Patches - There are over 350 Testimonials for our patches at Patch Testimonials. Read some and you will see that the coaches, players and parents are having more fun. Many of them talk about how their teams have improved and are winning more games, but the reason they win is simply because the patches motivate their players to come to practice, hustle and do their best, which results in better players and better teams.

8. Motivational Plans and Examples of How Coaches Use the Patches are at 4-Step Plan for Successfully Motivating Players and How Coaches and Teachers Use Our Patches to Motivate and Reward Achievements and Behavior

I hope to hear from you. I don't think there is a better, more affordable motivational tool than our patches.

David at SoccerHelp

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