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"I loved Coach Doug's video. I struggled coaching my son's U-6 until I watched his video. It made all the difference in the world. I now make all our U-6 coaches watch his video and they love it as well." Amy, coach and league administrator

"Doug, First of all, your site is a gold mine of information. This is my second season using the soccerhelp method and it is unbelievable how well it works. We just started a week ago and already my team is looking great!" U6 Coach

"I got the Coach Doug DVD last spring when I started coaching my 2 and 4 yr old sons. The youngest I had coached in the past was U9. Your DVD was a lifesaver! I am having so much fun with the kids and they are learning a lot." Coach A

"I have gotten so many compliments on my coaching. I always say I can't take the credit, and I tell them about the Coach Doug site. It is phenomenal. Thanks!" Amy

"I've watched all the clips of your video on Soccer Help and can't wait to get it. I am like the kids lining up for Harry Potter!! Don

"Coach Doug - Great video. I loved the vignettes. Our little boys sat and watched most of it with me!!! Thanks!!! Coach Don

"I am inspired by Coach Doug's website. It has helped me immensely." --Coach Greg, TX, USA

"I recently ordered the Coach Doug DVD and I can't say enough about it. The exercises were great, the pschology was great and the attitude behind it was inspiring. It has tons of good ideas and I would recommend it to any beginning coach. The DVD is worth every penny (and more) that I paid for it." --Coach David, WA, USA

"My kids and I watched the Coach Doug DVD this weekend. It's awesome. It will make coaching much easier." Dan, first time U-4 coach

"Hey all - Coach Greg here. What an awesome site. I discovered back about 6 years ago when my now 9 year old son started playing soccer and me coaching. I can tell you - there is nothing even close. That little soccer team back then, The Hurricanes - they were awesome!! Many of those kids still play soccer to this day and I run into many of them who still remember the good ol Hurricane days.

"Well, here it is several years later, and I now have a 3 year old daughter. We just started soccer and yep - I coach but not without Soccer Help and Coach Doug's infinite fun!! We play our 4th game of the season tomorrow and the improvement game after game is astonishing. Last weeks game - all I saw were elbows and smiles. Lots of big smiles.

"Thanks Coach Doug - Thanks SoccerHelp - My children continue to benefit from your passion!

Play Hard - Play Fair - Have Fun!"

--Coach Greg

"I bought the Coach Doug U6 DVD - EXCELLENT - looking forward to coaching now." Michelle, Illinois

"Hello! I am the parent of a 4 yr old named Hannah who plays for an outstanding Coach that uses SoccerHelp. (Coach Doug Burgoyne, Little Lions - San Antonio, TX). My daughter has just flourished and become an amazing player under his guidance, and this is her very first time ever playing the game of soccer. Anyway, we are a military family and will be moving to San Diego in August. We want to continue our daughter's involvement in soccer for her age group and wanted to inquire if you knew of a SoccerHelp coach in the San Diego area. We have seen the other coaches and teams at many games recently, and Coach Doug's & SoccerHelp's techniques have put our kids leaps and bounds ahead of the rest in their playing AND with their enthusiasm. Most of all it is FUN while they are learning and that is what we are looking for in her next soccer program. We are so very sad to be leaving Coach Doug and his program, and we are hoping to find another SoccerHelp Coach as good as he is in the San Diego area. We would appreciate any recommendation you may have." --Monica Goodell (Mother of Hannah in Coach Doug's Video) July, 2006

Update on Hannah: September 2007

From Coach Doug:

"Have you actually seen the video yet? Hannah's profile is totally awesome, very motivating for her. Is she playing, how it is going?"

Coach Doug

From Monica, Hannah's Mom)

"Yes! She played last summer and went to a British Soccer Camp that was a fantastic experience for her. It was the first time she was back in an "every player has a ball at their feet" atmosphere and she just took to it like a fish in water. The camp was coached by young men and women from Britain and Scotland who were great fun and great motivators. The kids were on World Cup Teams and every day earned "world cup points" to be applied to the World Cup Tournament on the last day of camp. Hannah was on Team England, and they actually won the "world cup". :) I attached a picture of it since she was the first to get to hold it. She was supposed to be in the group of 4 & 5 year olds, but they moved her up to play with the 6 & 7 year olds!"

Note: They moved her up two years in age group, she was that good!

"Hi Coach Doug,

I was so successful and found your methods so helpful as a first year coach that I can only imagine the results if our league adopted this methodology across our league.



"I am very impressed with Coach Doug's video and training. First and formost kuddo's I have been searching for a good training tool for coaches of U6 players, I think you have it!"

Geoff, Director of Recreational Soccer

"The SoccerHelp Coach Doug Program really worked well on two girls, who at the beginning of the year, I wouldn't have picked to play on my team. One cried every time she fell and the other just stood there. It was Doug's Video that gave me the tools and encouragement to train these two and help them obtain the confidence to play at a level beyond anyone's expectations. The examples Doug showed of the various personalities on his team were tremendous. Doug showed me that patience and fun works in the long run. These girls never scored a goal but they always stopped the ball and turned it around and helped the team. They were always in the right place at the right time. In the semi final, when it really counted, they performed and because of them the other team did not score a goal. The patch rewards and fun games worked extremely well for these girls. Thanks again and again."
Troy, U8, Member of Coach Doug's Site

"I bought the Coach Doug DVD and have probably watched it 5 times!"
John, U6 coach

"Received and reviewed the Coach Doug DVD. I love it, just what we are looking for."
Geoff, U6 Program Director, FL

"Thanks for all your hard work putting this stuff together, it's really helped a lot.

"I subscribed to Coach Doug's website last summer for my first time coaching U4 and found it extremely helpful! Thanks!
Coach Jill

""I had my first practice on Friday night using information that I learned on Coach Doug's website and what a difference it made. Last season, I felt lost and just plodded through it all and now I am more confident and it is a whole new environment. Best investment I have made for soccer.
Janet, TX

"A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a year's subscription to Coach Doug's website and I am loving it so far.

"I only played soccer as a very young boy, so I couldn't even really draw on my experience when I started coaching. I became interested in coaching when my kids wanted to play, and I saw how much fun they were having. I have to say though, that it wasn't nearly as much fun for them as it is now when I am coaching! I bought Coach Doug's DVD because I am coaching a 4-5-6 year-old team. Sometimes my older kids (8 and 7) help/practice with us, and they love the games because they are so much fun ("all we do in practice are drills", etc).

"I've played soccer forever but I'm coaching my son's U6 team for the very first time this season. Of course I've been online hunting for tips on how to do it, and discovered your page. It took me about five minutes to figure out that it would be worth it to pay for a Coach Doug subscription, and it's taken about five minutes of me looking through the Coach Doug's site to know that I made the right decision. Thanks so much for providing this information, especially for newbies like me. I love soccer, I want my kids to love it to, and I'm glad there's people who can help make that happen. Thanks.
Alexander, Coach Doug Member

"Our son Nathan was extremely fortunate to have been introduced to soccer by Coach Doug Burgoyne. Starting at age 3, Nathan played three soccer seasons with Coach Doug. Sadly, in the spring of 2006 we moved from Texas and reluctantly had to say goodbye to Coach Doug. As Nathan began playing soccer at his new home in Maryland, other parents frequently acknowledged his exceptionally strong soccer skills. Recently, while reminiscing about what he missed most about living in Texas, Nathan fondly recalled numerous Coach Doug soccer games and his fun practices. When asked what he specifically missed most about Coach Doug, Nathan replied, "Coach Doug was my best coach - his games were fun!" --Melanie and Bill Boyce, Maryland USA

(From David at SoccerHelp - as of this writing Doug is living in Europe. I got a chuckle out of this story. Doug really makes it fun and is a great coach.)

I had a new experience tonight.

After a month break, I started training again indoors while we wait for better weather. Tonight we started about 17:15 and finally stopped about 18:45. I have kids from 4 to 9, and I am going to break those up to different days because I can't train the smaller ones in the same way as the older ones.

But anyway, about 18:45 or so, there is this 4 year old off to the side in tears, his name is Alex, he's a good player, and getting better and better with me, I have had him for more than 6 months now. When he first came out he was too shy to play, and now he plays well. Well anyway, at 1845 he is in tears over to the side, so I go over to ask his parents what happened and they say: "nothing, he just doesn't want to go home" and then they proceed to tell me that he plays at home nearly every minute. They got him a puffy soft ball for the house so he doesn't break things, and he plays with it like for every waking minute... And they said that he would have stayed and played all night, and he was crying because they were making him go home to eat and sleep...

Coach Doug

"I recently purchased Coach Doug SoccerHelp Method of Coaching Ages 3, 4, 5 & 6 DVD and it arrived the day before our first practice. I only had time to watch 25 minutes of the DVD, but I had enough ammo to coach our first 45 minute practice. At the beginning of the practice 2 of the 8 kids were crying asking for their parents. By the end of the practice all of the kids were playing soccer and having a GREAT time. We played the carrot game, hickory dickory dock, follow the leader, and freeze. They LOVED it. My nephew is on the team and one of the parents said to my sister (without knowing she was my sister), "Wow you can tell he's done this before." This was my first time EVER to coach a soccer practice. I would recommend this video to ANY new soccer coach at this age level. I was one of the coaches who was asked to coach because they didn't have enough coaches for all of the teams. I can already tell how the techniques in the video are going to help my kids excel. BUY THIS DVD WITH CONFIDENCE! It made me look like a veteran coach and I watched the DVD 1 hour before our practice."
Tommy, TX, U5

"I require all of our U4 and U6 coaches to watch the Coach Doug video."
Steven, IL, Coaching Director, Rec Soccer


"Thanks for the great site."
Doug Moore

"Last fall I subscribed to the Coach Doug u6 program. I am now needing the u8 information in SoccerHelp Premium. I had a very enjoyable fall season with your help and I want to continue to improve as a coach and team leader. Thanks."

"Thanks for the great work you guys do!"
Coach Travis

"Thank you for such a great site!! I've already started implementing the great ideas in my practices, and they are 110% better!!!!"
Olivia, TX

"First and foremost I want to thank you for all the information provided on SoccerHelp and a special thanks to Coach Doug. I have been coaching a rec league now for about 2 1/2 yrs. I started out with 3-5 Year olds with my Daughters team and then added 6-8 yr olds my next year when some of my kids moved up and I am now coaching 9-12 yr olds. With the practice games and information provided on SoccerHelp, I have managed to create an incredible atmosphere for my young players to really enjoy the game of soccer at the same time having almost every coach in the league stopping by once or twice a season to watch how I run my practices. When I get new additions to my teams I always take the ones that need the most work or the youngest of the group. By the time our first game is here we are a team that is unbeatable. Anyways I could go on for hours with this type of praise that the site has."
Coach Gregg GA, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Premium Member for 2 years

"I have used the soccer patches the last two seasons and this season as well with my U6 team. Everything the coaches have said in the testimonials are true. The patches and Coach Doug's practice games are the reason I am seeing great results on my team." Richard, posted on Facebook


"I wanted to give you another story to put on the website. Last week we had a bye. The week before that we played a team with 2 HUGE kids. Before the game the coach came up to me and the ref and said, "Hey guys, we've only got 5 kids. The other 5 are at a baseball game. If we need to take one of the kids out, is it OK if we go 4 on 4? Of course, we said sure and that it would be no problem. However, immediately I knew 2 things from this conversation: 1. his kids aren't having fun at soccer practice because they are picking baseball over soccer and 2. if a kid had to come out of the game, it would have to be my son, or my nephew- and I have them playing on opposite halves and I don't want to seem like I'm favoring them. As the game continued, none of their kids got tired and had to come out because of that. However, during the 3rd quarter one of their smallest kids and my bigger kids got their legs tied up and ended up tripping and rolling over each other. My kid popped up and kept playing. The kid on the other team started crying and could not be comforted. The assistant coach on the other team was this kid's dad and he kept yelling, "you're ok! you're ok! go play! go play!" But the kid was having none of it. He stood on the field as close to their side line as possible crying and staring at his dad with eyes that said, "let me come out." At this point my son was in and I knew that if that kid eventually came out, my son would have to be the one who stopped playing. So I ran over to my tackle box full of patches, pulled out the red patch and started to run across the field. When I got to the other side the coach was looking away from me and when I said, "Hey coach!" (he was the kid's dad) he looked at me like, "why is the other coach over her talking to me?" I said to him,"hey man, I've got an idea. let me try this." And without waiting for him to reply I walked over to the kid and got down on his level and said to him, "Hey buddy, I give these patches out to my players who are brave. Do you know what brave means?" He was still crying and he looked up at me and shook his head no. (mind you, the game was still going on) I said, "brave means that when you get hurt and start crying, you stay in the game and keep playing. Do you want this patch for being brave?" He shook his head yes. So I said, "Well I'll give this patch to your coach so he can give it to you after the game, but you have to get back in that game and keep playing. Can you do that for me?" He shook his head yes. So I said, "well get in there and play!" Suddenly the tears stopped and he immediately turned around and ran back into the game and started playing. The other coach looked at me in awe because he had been trying for several minutes to get his son back in the game. After the game that kids mom came up to me personally and thanked me for what I had done. Also, after we shook hands that little kid ran up to me wanting to know where his patch was. I told him it was with his dad and he ran off straight for his dad.

I know this is a long email, but I had to tell you this story. I don't know if it works for what you have on the website because it's so long, but every word of it is true. Also, I just realized last week that my team consists of two 5 year olds and eight 4 year olds- and we are the best team in our league! Thanks again for everything you have done and please let coach Doug that he is just as responsible for this. I'll give you some more updates in the future. Take care."

TM, U6 coach

"Been a user of your site for years and it is great! Has helped all three of my boys, plus the hundred or so kids I've coached, so thanks!

I am a coordiantor for Pre-Kindergarten division. I'm a big proponent of Coach Doug (have his DVD). His site said I could copy 10 pages as long as I source it and don't take credit. Does that mean I can print 10 pages and give copies of that to my coaches? Please let me know if I am interpreting that correctly.

I'd like to whet the coaches appetites for the site and the price is so reasonable. Plus, the information helps children learn the game."

Ron, MD

"I am coaching my 5 year old daughter this year for the first time and this stuff is absolutely priceless."
Clint, KS

I've been coaching my 5-year old daughter's soccer team for 3 or 4 weeks now. I saw great success and improvement in use of skills by many of the kids in our last game this past Saturday (i.e. changing ball direction on command, stealing the ball, much more control dribbling, better scoring accuracy, no hand balls, no own goals, and even an intentional pass to share the ball. SoccerHelp turned me all around in my way of thinking about coaching little kids, and I think it's the best method I've seen.

Coach Danny, CA

Coach Doug,

I've been impressed by your approach and methods since the moment I came across them. I coach U5 soccer and have been using exclusively your methods since I started in april 2010. They have lots of fun in practices as each of them is constantly with a ball at their feet. I'm also using practice patches as well as patches to reward in game efforts such as attitude, defense, assists, hustle and teamwork. Thanks.



I am so glad you decided to make the video. My son had turned three and we signed him up for soccer. The league did not have enough coaches so I volunteered. I'll tell you what I was scared because even though I have played soccer most of my life I had no clue about coaching and teaching the game, especially to eight 3 & 4 year olds. All of which was their first time playing soccer. Your video was such a blessing. When I first watched it it was like you made the video just for me because you covered all my fears about coaching this age group. I followed it to the "T" and the first season like you, we did good but far from dominating. But each season after that their skills improved and even though we have played the practice games a lot they still love doing them especially "everyone against the coach" and "hit the coach". Man, they loved those patches and still do. It has now become a competition between them to see who will get the most of a certain type of patch. Especially the "assist" patch, I use the lightning bolt patch for that one. Now that they have been doing this for three seasons they really understand what the assist is. I gave out 4 lighting patches last game. It was amazing.

Most of my team is going to be moving to U8 in the spring so I will be staying with them. I know I will have to adjust my practices to this age group but I see the patches staying for the time being.

Also, thank you for your service to our country. I was in the Marine Corps for eight years and I understand the sacrifice you have made to keep all of us here at home safe.


This is my 3rd season to coach and all 10 of my players have come back every year. The parents love what we are doing and thanks to the patches and Coach Doug, my players are far above the others in our league. The league commissioner told me it was very uncommon to have all 10 players return to a team. We have to repool after this season so I'm sad I won't get to coach these same kids all the way up. :-( I'm glad I found you guys, though. I will be a customer for a long time.

Tommy, TX, U7, Coach Doug subscriber and patches customer

"I have recently joined the Coach Doug website as I am coaching my 5 yo son's soccer team this year and have NO idea what I am doing. I have only started going through the website content but am already excited to undertake this great opportunity in guiding my son's soccer experience (as well as his team-mates) instead of dreading it- thank you so much for providing such a wealth of information for a very reasonable price, I will be recommending this tool to all!

Adam, Australia

"Let me tell you a little about myself. I first got involved in soccer in 1975 when my first child was 6. I went through many years of clueless coaching, trying to learn, but having few resources. Out of frustration, I got a National C-license during the summers of 1984 and 1985. After 15-20 years away from soccer, I have come out of retirement to coach my granddaughters (4 and 7). I have been asked to be director of coaching for the soccer program. One thing I quickly realized is the deficiency in my knowledge regarding very young players. That is why I subscribed to SoccerHelp Premium and to Coach Doug's site. (Thanks so much for the club subscription you gave us. I hope it will help a lot.) When my children were young, I was clueless. For young players I am trying to "get it right" this time around, since I was clueless the first time around. I regard myself as pretty soccer knowledgeable, but I have learned a ton from SoccerHelp Premium and from Coach Doug's site (and from the associated DVD's. I am using the info to help a U12 coach right now.). The coaching clinics I do for the Pontotoc soccer program will definitely feature many of the activities from SoccerHelp and Coach Doug's site. You are to be commended for the work you have done with SoccerHelp. After much training and 30+ years of experience, I know good activities when I seen them, and the ones on the SoccerHelp and Coach Doug's sites are some of the best. I look forward to a continued dialog with you.

Ken, MS, subscriber to Premium and Coach Doug's site

"I coach rec league teams for my 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son. I've been using Soccerhelp Premium and Couch Doug's site for the better part of 3 years now and as a result have shared many great soccer moments with my kids and their teammates at practice and in games. I recommend your site to everyone who asks about the fun we are having on the field and the patches the kids are wearing.
Larry, OH

"I am a female with a daycare and a bunch of preschoolers. I've never coached or played soccer. I ordered in April your DVD. And wow your DVD allowed me as a new coach to bring together 36 kids total of 4 leagues with uniforms and all. I can't tell you enough how grateful that you helped to make this happen. Coach Doug you made it look so easy.
Coach C, NY

"I have been a fan of SoccerHelp and the patches for 4 years and recently taken on director of coaching for non-profit rec league.

"I would like to see if you can work with our org for:

  1. U6 - 35 kids - 8 games: Motivational patches, group access to streaming video of Coach Doug's DVD & group access to Coach Doug's site.
  2. U8 - 55 kids - 8 games: Motivational patches & group access to Premium site.

Let me know,

Thank you. We appreciate your website and your business' quality service.
Jim, President (SoccerHelp customer for patches and Coach Doug DVDs)

I have been using Soccerhelp for 9 years. Your games TEACH and are FUN. Plus they are easy for novice coaches (like myself who scoured the internet desperately to help me survive that first year of U10) to setup and implement. Mix that with some foot skills training as "warm-up" (I remember reading where a coach on one of your forums said how he used the footskills as warmup each practice to get the kids to buy in) and you have a pretty solid teaching foundation. I've attended coaching camps and watched soccer DVDs until I just can't watch them anymore. The dribble across the square game is still the easiest and most effective game I have found. The Dribble around the cone and pass game is also very effective. Both are simple to implement but very effective teaching tools that incorporate many skills into one activity.

So -- I am trying to get my coaches as much access to this material as possible. We just held a coaches clinic this past weekend for our league coaches. I used the dribble across the square game as The example of games used to TEACH -- for almost all ages. Put that with the Coach Doug Material for the little ones and hopefully we'll see a jump in retention and player skill because 1) the kids are having more fun (they will want to come back) and 2) the games teach skills. The older kids will have more fun because they will have more skill. You always like to do something you are good at.

I really appreciate the effort you have put into Soccerhelp. I learned to coach using your material. My goal now is to get my coaches to buy in.

Thanks again for helping leagues like ours.

Chuck Young, league coordinator, IN

I own Coach Doug's video and love it! While I will continue with many of the games based on the ideas presented, I was wondering what the most logical next video might be for U7-U9? I'm most interested in teaching positioning but open to any ideas. Thanks.


Soccer Help and Coach Doug's site has turned this non-soccer playing "team mom" type into an undefeated coach at the U4 & U6 levels, that is now CRAZY about soccer! :)
Jennifer, VA, Coach Doug and Premium member

I really like Coach Doug's approach of keeping things fun for this age. You've got a great resource here.


I appreciate all you're doing in promoting physical fitness and the game of soccer in your community. I hope I can follow in your footsteps in my community as well.
Regards, Mike

I joined Coach Doug's website and have found the games to be a huge success in my practices. Thanks!

I bought the Coach Doug video before I coached 4 & 5 year olds in AYSO U6. Boy did it help! My boys had fun all season long with monsters chasing them or playing kick the coach and a number of other fun games. By the end of the season they had great dribbling skills. Some of the other teams I saw had them lining up doing drills. Those poor kids. This vid was well worth the money. Thanks.
Coach JT

Thank you soooooo much for making these videos.I'm 14 and I volunteered to be an assistant coach for kids 3-6 and need to teach them to be goalie, dribble, and shoot and I have never really played on a team before and this and your other videos have really helped me out!

Amazing stuff. And the coach sounds like Michael Scott sometimes.

This is going to save me since Im coaching 5 and 6 yearolds at a camp my highschool team is doing

I am coaching this year 5 and 6 yr. olds and I am going to use this drill next monday at practice. Great Video, please make more. Also thanks for posting a link to your website. Great for any youth beginner coach.
Coach Rob

I love this video clip! This integrates accuracy, dribbling with the ball, etc, with fun for the kids! If you keep things fun for the kids, they will learn so much more! Again, Great Video!

My name is Ajay I have been a professional coach for 12 years, I enjoy watching your videos as these are the perfect sessions for this age group, and this is a classic and shows how many ways people can do this activity, I use the crazy chicken and every time a ball hits me I drop a feather (cover myself in pinnies running around clucking) lots of fun and the kids love it! Good work!

This is a great game for young ones from 3,4,5,6 it stops them getting bored as at that age it is about enjoyment and not about winning.
Coach A

This is amazing information! It couldn't be truer!
Rec Coach

Best $20 bucks I have ever spent on soccer. I just wanted to thank you for your video. I have been 4 weeks into soccer season when I came up on your site. I used your techniques and the kids loved it. Thanks again.

Coach Ben (he bought the Coach Doug Streaming Video)

It has been implementing the Coach Doug-SoccerHelp method with my U5 girls team. Their improvement from the first game to just about half way through the season is extremely apparent.

Every girl on the team gets involved with the game, controls the ball well and keeps it in bounds as well as scores goals.

Kevin, TX, Coach Doug member

I wanted to share with you how much fun we're having playing your practice games. Having the different characters and games keeps their attention and I can tell already that their skill levels are improving.

Coach Patterson

I have learned a ton from SoccerHelp and intend to use it extensively in trying to educate parents. One main focus will be the U6 kids and their parents using the Coach Doug approach.

Thanks again for your help and encouragement.

Ken, MS

I have the Coach Doug video and have watched it many, many times. I try to watch it before the beginning of every season to pick up more gems. I utilize as much of the video as possible and as a result I have really been able to cultivate our young 3/4 year old team and look forward to coaching them into the next season (5/6 year old level). the kids understand when we ask them to "turn the ball around", perform a "monster kick" and "win the 50/50 ball". The video and patch system work great.

Mike, TX U4 and U8

I got started coaching my great-grandson's soccer team at the YMCA. I had refereed soccer, but never coached. I was looking on the internet for some drills and how to coach 5yr olds, when I found you all and the great patches. I decided to order them myself and give them to not only my team, but to every team we play. The kids just LOVE them, so I am replenishing my supply for the upcoming spring season. Thanks so much for all your help.

Best Regards Pete, WV

"I just read from Coach Doug's site "How to Prepare for Your First Game" at

"Brilliant!!! So "right on".... Obvious good common sense stuff, but common sense is NOT common, of course.

"I am going to encourage our league directors to recommend SoccerHelp and Coach Doug. From the top down the philosophy must be Development AND Fun AND Sportsmanship.

"I am grateful I found you guys! I am an experienced player, but I never coached little kids before.

Brian, U4 coach, Coach Doug Member, Premium Member, Coach Doug Streaming Video

Coach David-

"I have been coaching my four kids, ages 4-11, for the past 6 years, almost exclusively using the soccerhelp games and drills. Recently, my two middle children ( age 8 girl, age 9 boy) decided to try-out for Guam's elite soccer training program. I wasn't surprised that they were accepted. I was surprised to find that they could equally compete with other children who had been in the program for a year or more.

Thank you for the effort you place into the website, drills, approach, etc. It has enabled me, a father who never played the sport, to successfully prepare many young kids to reach their best and have fun at a high level of competition.

The 2 things that helped the most are the patches and the philosophy of maximizing touches on the ball through games that taught and honed individual skills while emphasizing FUN. The patches work wonders. My older kids love the sport so much, they run drills on their own between practices!"

Coach Scott, Guam, Premium Member and Patches customer for 5 years

"I played a lot of soccer at some high levels, even coached camps. Your ideas are so common sense that they are brilliant! Fun, touches!, etc. I will be a customer for life!! You have taught me sooo much that I have everything I need to run a camp, school, league, etc.

"I am SOOOO glad I found you!

Brian, CA, Coach Doug, Premium and patches customer

I have the Coach Doug dvd and it's awesome! I also signed up for Coach Doug's website.
Coach Brian, MI, U6

"Love Coach Doug! As our players grow older what DVD should we use to help teach volunteer coaches the same age-appropriate activities for new players, mixed with players who used Coach Doug's methods. (Ages 6-8 and 9-12) The videos seem to work better than print-outs to train volunteers! The reasoning behind Coach Doug's methods really helps volunteers understand what they are dealing with-they always want to teach passing to 3-year olds, but with an explanation they start to get that it's ok if there isn't a lot of passing!
Kathleen, YMCA, CA

"I really enjoy Coach Doug's site and will continue to subscribe. I am coaching an U5 team right now but may be assisting with a U8 team so I will sign up for Soccerhelp Premium as well."
William, GA

"I'm a first time coach this fall season for both of my sons' teams - U6 and U5. Your site has been a fantastic resource for me for both practice ideas and philosophy. We've had nothing but fun!
Coach Tommy, CO

"I like your soccer methods.
Julie, CA

"I read some help you had on the internet that was free that helped out my team tremendously. I have never played soccer and my son was placed on a no coach team (U6) so I had to step up as coach if I wanted him to splay this season. On this "left over" team were three girls. At our first game, the girls just stood there with big eyes! At the next game, I asked them after reading your article to do just one thing that was brave. Two of my girls made multiple goals! They were so proud of themselves. Of course we were too! And I will continue to applaud the other girl. And one of the boys who never has done a lot made goal after goal. I know what you said was key."
Judy, subscriber to Coach Doug website and video

"We played a much larger team today that had been beating up on other teams. Our much smaller kids played great and if we had been keeping score we would have won. They were not afraid, they showed their skills. I credit and Coach Doug with many of the games that help our kids learn.
Brian, U6 coach

"The Coach Doug DVD is the best instructional coaching video out there for kids U6 soccer. Stop "herding cats" and create meaningful practices that promote growth and fun.

Mike Delgado, posted on Facebook

" is excellent and I'm so happy to have found you when I started coaching in the summer of 2012. I played soccer all through high school starting at the YMCA where I'm coaching now and had never coached until my son was 4.5 years old. I wish my old coach would have known these techniques and philosophy that you preach. My skill level would have been much better than it was. My players LOVE soccer and the patches, and people request to be on my team."

David, SC, U8, Coach Doug, Premium and patches

"The Coach Doug website was incredibly helpful this season. I got roped into coaching my son's U6 team, which terrified me just a little -- I've watched his 9-year-old brother practice and play, but I never played soccer myself, much less tried to coach it. The advice was practical, the drills useful and the practice plans were lifesavers."

Thanks, Ted

"I have to give credit to Coach Doug's DVD. It keeps the practices fun and entertaining, and we've only played about 6 or 7 of the Practice Games so far, so there are a lot more we can play. The main thing I have taught so far is "puppy on a leash" and monster kicks with correct form. We lost the first game and I think the problem was that I hadn't ordered goals for us to use at practice. The goals came in for the week of practice for the second game so they kids had something to shoot at. Our second game was incredible. I wish you could have seen those little kids play. I haven't had one kid reach down and grab the ball with their hands where both teams we've played have had it happen to them. We also haven't had one kid score on our own goal. They know to turn the ball around and go in the right direction. So well, in fact, that I have only played the turn around game 1 time because they already know to do it. At first I thought the patches were just a gimmick, but after using them for a week and a half I can definitely see how and why they are important. The patches have gotten 1 kid to never use his hands (he used them all the time the first practice), gotten one kid to keep playing after he got hit in the stomach, and gotten one kid to play even though he didn't want to because he was too cold, and another to practice when he was scared to play. That last kid held the patch in his hand the entire practice. Now my son asks for patches for doing stuff around the house. ("Dad, I just picked up my toys, can I get a badge?") They are awesome. My son had to sit out this past game because he was sick and when I got home he asked me if everyone got a patch. He was disappointed that he wasn't able to get one for this game. Man, I could type about this for hours but in short: everything you recommend is great. I wish I could sing your praises from the mountaintops so that more people would buy your stuff. I'm 30 and I haven't played soccer since I was 12 and this is my first time to coach, but I feel like a master coach with these kids. The parents believe in me and you can see it in their faces. If we keep improving at this rate then next year we may have to move up a level. I'll send you a pic of our team when I can. Some of our smallest, youngest kids are our best players. Take care!"

Tommy, U6 coach, TX

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