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Want to become a great soccer coach? Check out SoccerHelp Premium and Coach Doug's Site for U4, U5 and U6 Coaches. There is a "no questions asked" money back guarantee. Over 15,000 soccer coaches have become Members. Subscriptions are as low as $11.95 for Coach Doug and $17.99 for Premium.

Hi, this is David at SoccerHelp. About 17 years ago I needed a way to motivate my soccer players to come to practice, pay attention, hustle and have a good attitude. We talked about it and had the idea of cutting stars out of iron-on fabric. The problem was that it was HARD, didn't look very good, and the points of the stars peeled off. I found some iron-on soccer patches for sale as a novelty item - no one was using them for motivation but they were the cheapest thing I could find. I paid 55 cents each. When SoccerHelp started we had them made for us and started selling them. This year we will sell over a million to all sports, schools, band clubs, camps, after school programs and churches. We have distributors in England and Canada and are looking for distributors in other countries. We also have a baseball affiliate in the US. and would consider other affiliates here. We now sell 30 different kinds of iron-on patches and are about to add a new Lightning Bolt with a yellow background.

Below are a few of the over 300 Testimonials we have received. I think if you read a few of them you might be surprised. You might think the patches are just for young kids, but a lot of high school coaches use them. Also, a lot of schools buy them to motivate students for attendance, grades and even to eat right.

If you want to develop a motivational plan for anything, here is a link to a simple 4-Step Motivational Plan that is easy and has worked for hundreds of coaches, teachers and parents:

To read more about our 30 kinds of iron-on patches and see Sample Handouts that show how sports and schools use our patches, visit How Coaches and Teachers Use Our Patches to Motivate and Reward Achievements and Behavior

"You guys are awesome. Right from my first order I knew I liked your company. My players love the patches and if I don't give them out after a game, they yell at me for them." (Note from SoccerHelp: We can set up Billing Accounts for Schools and Churches).

--Jim, High School Soccer Coach, FL

"Our PTA board loved your reward patches! I'll be calling next week to place an order of 4,000+. We will use them to encourage the Honor Roll, Attendance, Character, Reading, Science, Math, Citizenship and the V patch will be a special reward given at the teacher's discretion to students whose improvement is considered a Victory."

--Anita, PTA Board Member, TX Elementary School

The patches are a great item to motivate my girls high school soccer team!! I use the soccer balls, D, A and lightning bolts. thank you!

--Coach Patrick, High School Coach, MO

My players LOVED the patches last year and I am going to get them t-shirts to iron them on so they can wear them all the time.

--Laureen, VA

These baseball patches are great for my minor league baseball team (ages 7-11). After the first couple games this year, you can really see the interest level/effort level growing as they receive (or watch others receive) their patches. Very good positive reinforcement.

--Wayne, Baseball, OR

My daughter just loves getting the soccer ball patches! Now my son wants to play soccer again! I coach a swim team and am interested in your patches.

--Charyl, Soccer and Swimming, TX

I used the baseball patches last year and they added incentive as well as excitement.

--Jim, NCAA Baseball

My players love the soccer patches and are always eager to earn a patch. I am seeing amazing results from the patches and Premium soccer drills. Dribble Across a Square, the Defensive Footwork drills and Chips/Lofted passes drills have helped my players and I see it in games. My U8 team just beat the best team in the league which last season beat us easily.

--Kevin, MD, U8 and U10, Premium member

I have begun using soccer patches to motivate my players. They love it! They were so excited when I announced it they could hardly wait to practice or play a game. We put these patches on the girls' team t-shirts. The patches look great and the kids love them.

--Coach C, U8, Premium Member

Started my second season using the patches for baseball. Before the game started they were asking if they get patches for performance. (forget the game ball). Who would of thought something so simple would be so rewarding.

--Coach Jim, N. Huntingdon, PA

Your website and the patches are amazing! I love it and my kids love it. I coach 3 teams u6, u8 and u10. I don't have the best players but we do great and one of my teams is undefeated. The Dribble Across a Square game is genius, it teaches so much. SoccerHelp and the patches have let my kids have a lot more fun. Once you figure out where the information is, everything is there that a coach needs. I really, really enjoy SoccerHelp.

--John, KY, U6, U8, U10, Premium Member

I have been a volunteer coach at our local YMCA here for 6 1/2 years. I have coached 27 teams. Two years ago, when my daughter moved up to the 10-12 yr old league, I began taking my role as her coach more seriously to help prepare her for Middle School Soccer. However, my team was just average at best. I never played soccer and simply didn't understand enough about the game. About a year ago, I decided to dedicate myself to reading on a weekly basis and I bought my first round of Soccer Patches.

Then I signed up for Premium, which is the best.

In the Fall of 2010 my girls team went 5 wins, 1 loss, 2 ties. In the Spring, I had 11 returning players and went 6-0-2 undefeated, beating every team in the league at least once. This Fall we switched to the Co-Ed league and played our first match against an all boys team beating them soundly 4-1. We did pick up the little brother of one player so we are now 11 girls and 1 boy. But, in short, my girls have worked out using games for 45 of the past 52 weeks and they stand out at our YMCA. They move better, understand more and play like a team of older kids. I can't thank and David enough for their help with this incredible site. I am buying soccer patches again today for two more teams and I fully expect both teams to have successful seasons full of growth. After all, winning isn't everything. But, it's a lot more fun when you do win.

All the best to you guys,

--Coach Brad, U10-12, NC

At first I thought the soccer patches were just a gimmick, but after using them for a week and a half I can definitely see how and why they are important. The patches have gotten 1 kid to never use his hands (he used them all the time the first practice), gotten one kid to keep playing after he got hit in the stomach, and gotten one kid to play even though he didn't want to because he was too cold, and another to practice when he was scared to play. That last kid held the patch in his hand the entire practice. Now my son asks for patches for doing stuff around the house. ("Dad, I just picked up my toys, can I get a badge?") They are awesome. My son had to sit out this past game because he was sick and when I got home he asked me if everyone got a patch. He was disappointed that he wasn't able to get one for this game. Man, I could type about this for hours but in short: everything you recommend is great. I wish I could sing your praises from the mountaintops so that more people would buy your stuff.

--Tommy, U6 coach, TX

Thanks in large part to your website and motivational soccer patches, which we call "secret stars," our (now U15-G) Pumas went from being cellar dwellers to competitive against older and higher-level teams. We won our first tournament in the fall, 2010 in a U16-G division and finished around .500 in an open high school league (my girls are 8th and 9th graders and the other teams had mostly sophomores, juniors, and seniors). One highlight was beating a high school team coached by a former Manchester United player!

--Nick, Premium Member since 2008