How Parents Can Help Soccer Skill Development
Soccer Games Parents Can Play with Their Kids that will
Teach Soccer Skills
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Below is a letter from a soccer parent and David�s reply

Hi, I am a parent of 3 little kids - the oldest is 7 - and all of them are participating in soccer classes. I have always preferred others to coach my kids and me to be that person who they can practice with during offseason/weekend period. So my question is: which product of yours would be most suitable for me and my kids?

I get your newsletters regarding success stories about coaches but those usually deal with soccer teams, and teams issues. I am not sure if there is anything regarding individual player's development.

As a parent I know my kids best and I see their weaknesses and strengths and I would like to address them in our individual/family practice. Do you have any resources for me?


Hi Peter,

Thanks for writing.

I think some of the most important things in youth soccer are:

  1. Soccer should be fun because fun is better and if soccer isn't fun kids will stop playing soccer. Obviously, fun includes good sportsmanship and fair play.
  2. A training approach that teaches players the skills and knowledge that will allow them to be as successful as they can be given their natural ability and time available to practice
  3. A motivational plan. Motivation is critical and the key to success. Motivation is what makes us want to do things. It is the difference between doing something with enthusiasm, giving 100% and having a good attitude, or just doing the minimum with a bad attitude.

The SoccerHelp training approach is different - it is based on games, not drills. Our Soccer Practice Games involve competition and pressure, just like real games do. Our Practice Games teach kids to play fast while under pressure. Soccer drills teach kids to play slow without pressure. If you want to be able to play fast while under pressure, train that way. Some of our Soccer Practice Games such as Dribble across a Square and Hit the Coach™ also involve traffic and chaos, just like real games do, so players get used to chaos, being in a crowd and making fast, instinctive decisions without thinking.

Yes, there are things you can do to help your kids. I recommend:

  1. Watch the free Coach Doug video clips at - they show what SoccerHelp is about and what Coach Doug's program is about. There are games there that you can play with your kids such as "Hit the Coach™"

  2. Buy a SoccerHelp Premium subscription or a Coach Doug subscription and share it with your kids coaches - you have my permission to do that. Premium has over 70 practice games and I invented many of them such as Dribble Across a Square and Hit the Coach™, but Coach Doug has more games that he invented for U4 and U6 soccer and a lot more info for ages 6 and younger. There are coupons at both to save money on the other. You have my permission to share the membership with your kids coaches. These Practice Games are unique to SoccerHelp and Coach Doug�s website. There are 2 coupon codes below to save money.

  3. Read . A motivational Plan is very important.

  4. Watch the video clip at the results of playing these games. The Dribble Across a Square game is for players 7 and older. The Coach Doug games also teach players how to dribble without thinking (it becomes natural and instinctive).

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There are lots of training games that you can play at home AND as I mentioned, share the subscription with the coaches and encourage them to play the games at practice. There are now over 500 Testimonials at

Please let me know how it works.

David at SoccerHelp