In-the-House Soccer Activities for Cold or Rainy Days
Some Fun, Creative Ideas from a Soccer Dad

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(Below is a letter from a Soccer Coach and my reply.)

Hi, this is David at SoccerHelp. Below is a letter from a parent and my reply. He has some great ideas for fun soccer activities inside the house.

If you have any good ideas, please send them to me at Contact David at SoccerHelp

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Below is a letter from a Soccer Parent and my Reply:

Hi SoccerHelp,

Living in CO during the winter can make practice tough. Do you have any games that can be played in a family room or basement? I want to keep my U9 daughter's skills up, but I do not know of anything other than footwork skills to do and she gets bored with those after awhile. I have thought about kicking Poof balls off the walls or passing them into a laundry basket.

Daniel, CO

Hi Daniel,

A lot of the SoccerHelp Practice Games can work in a gym or a large basement, but I can't think of any that would work in a small area except for Tick Tock, Tap on Top, the Volleying Pairs and Follow the Leader. A small area would work better for very small kids for games like Monster Invasion.

A lot of our practice games will work in areas like a big Rec room or a big basement, but many require more than 2 people to be fun.

I think your idea of using Poof balls is great.


David at SoccerHelp

Hi David,

I just finished some games with my daughter. I took a soft chair (like a bean bag), put it against the wall and put my daughter near a far wall with a Poof ball. I put our dog kennel on the floor and asked her if she could kick it over the kennel and drop the ball into the chair. She did it with both feet, so I sat in front of the chair and told her to do it again. Next I put the kennel by the couch and asked if my daughter could wall pass the ball off the couch and into the kennel. Then I asked her if she wanted to try to header the poof ball into her brothers back. I tossed the ball and she tried to header it into his back. Finally I had my son and daughter get a real soccer ball and dribble in front of the couch. I had to try to hit their ball with my Poof ball from a couch rebound. It made them guard their ball.

I figured any kind of touch on a ball is better than nothing and all 3 of my kids wanted to try all this stuff. I just rotated at they got bored.

Daniel, CO

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