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Below are emails I received.

Letter from a Soccer Coordinator

Thank you for all of the help that I have received from your site. I have really enjoyed and learned from the vast amount of information available on SoccerHelp premium! I believe that I have been able to make a difference with a large number of kids with the help of the Soccer patches and the DVDs that I received from you. I am the Soccer Coordinator for my city. We had approximately 600 kids playing soccer and close to 50 coaches participating in our program this fall. As a result, I have been a bit of an ambassador for SoccerHelp and am seeing the SoccerHelp methodologies spread across the league as more coaches begin to adopt your patches reward system and coaching techniques. Obviously, I see this a big win for our kids and our organization!

--Chris, NC

U6, U8, U10 Rec Soccer Coach

Your website and the soccer patches are amazing! I love it and my kids love it. I coach 3 teams u6, u8 and u10. I don't have the best players but we do great and one of my teams is undefeated. The Dribble Across a Square game is genius, it teaches so much. SoccerHelp and the patches have let my kids have a lot more fun. Once you figure out where the information is, everything is there that a coach needs. I really, really enjoy SoccerHelp.

--John, KY, U6, U8, U10, Premium Member

U12 Rec Soccer Team Started Slow but Came in Second

"I've been a fan of for a few years now, using it with both regular season teams and all-star teams. This past fall I had a regular season U12G soccer team comprised of 4 girls with real talent, 4 average girls and 4 girls who had limited knowledge, skill and very limited physical ability. I stuck with the practice games, repeating the basics over and over, including Dribble Across a Square, Dribble Around a Cone and Pass, Passing Pairs, and games that emphasized the 1st Defender, 2nd Defender concept. Our season was dismal, 2 wins and 6 losses, most of them blow-out losses. Nevertheless, with fun practice games and patches, the girls had a great season and continued to have fun. It all finally came together for them, and they played themselves into the end-of-season tournament championship game, taking second place. I credit the tried and true practice games and patches I found at Thanks!"

--Jill, U12 Soccer Coach

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