Three Soccer Coaching Success Stories
U6, U9, U10 and High School Soccer

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Below are emails I received.

U9 Rec Soccer Coach

I am needing to recorder soccer patches, and we are only in the middle of the season. Boy am I happy. My U9G rec team is playing great this season, and your patches are excellent motivators. We already beat the U9B academy team and all my players received the Champions Patch for that win. We have two more academy teams to play and one very strong U10 rec team (with twice the biomass as my team). I am hoping I will need 30 more Champion patches. My girls are also playing much more aggressively, and I have been handing our many more Intensity patches than I thought I would. I need another 20 of these.

--Coach Howie, GA, U9

Hockey Coach Turned Soccer Coach
Daughter Made High School Soccer Team

I have been a hockey coach for years and have coached all levels up through and including high school. I have 7 children - 5 boys and 2 girls and it wasn't until one of my girls needed help to make it to the high school level in soccer that I started paying any attention to soccer. The youngest 5 of 7 of my children all love and play soccer and only one of them cared for hockey, so I changed my focus and started soccer. Your information has been invaluable to me as my daughter will graduate this spring and has made the High School Soccer team every year. The soccer patches, videos and tools have given my daughter a chance to play varsity soccer. It has been fabulous to watch her progress and grow in confidence and ability. Thank you so much! I am still coaching hockey (even though the two oldest have graduated and moved on, oldest may yet play hockey at the college level) and have tried to teach the other coaches to implement the small games concept and stop standing in lines waiting for drills. It's a battle, but it's worth fighting. I will also coach soccer this spring and look forward to it. There is so much to learn and so much joy in the journey! I use your principles and drills/games in both soccer and hockey. It's great!

Thanks again,

--Mike, Premium Member, UT

U6 & U10 Soccer Coach

The soccer patches arrived. So after our light practice before the game and discussion of formation and positions, I showed the kids the patches and explained the lightning bolt was for energy and if they hustled the entire game they would get one. The D was for good defense and goalie play. The gold star was for good offensive plays such as passing and scoring, but mostly for passing. The red soccer ball was the red badge of courage for bravery, getting up after a collision, an injury, etc. The C was for coach and if they listened to me during the game they would get one. The kids seemed very interested in the patches. When our player suffered the knee injury, one of our players asked me, "She is going to get one of those red soccer ball patches, isn't she?" I said "She sure is!" During the game we had a couple of collisions and another couple of kids got hit in the face with the ball, and our athletic goalie told me he was feeling sick and may need to come out of the game (he was sick earlier in the week), but the kids continued on and played bravely. So they all got red patches. I don't know if they played harder today because they always give it a good effort and bounce back up after collisions, but I noticed after the game they did not seem unhappy because they lost. They were more interested in the patches as I handed them out and they kept reminding me off all the good things they did during the game to earn the patches, which I could not deny. I explained to the parents about the motivational patches and it was really neat to be able to celebrate and encourage the good things the kids did even though we lost. I got some positive feedback from the parents and my wife who was skeptical of the patches. When we got home, my son wanted me to iron on his gold star for making a good pass and a shot on goal, and his D for clearing the ball defense a couple of times, so I ironed the patches on his sleeve. He put his shirt/jersey back on and proudly showed the patches to his best friend later in the day. Also as a bonus, today my 4 year old son scored his first goal and played great defense and goalie. He asked me if he could have a patch too. I said, "Sure!" So I ironed on a Blue Star with the white background which matched his shirt/jersey. He put it on and was very proud of his blue star.

--Fred, MD, U6 and U10

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