Two Soccer Coaching Success Stories
Middle School and U-6 Soccer

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Below are emails I received.

Middle School Soccer Team

I've used your motivational soccer patches for a couple of years now for a middle school coed soccer team. Frankly, I didn't know what to expect when I handed them out after the first game. Would they find them too childish? To sum it up, our best player had scored four goals in one game (blue soccer ball) and I was out of the boy patches. I offered up, jokingly, a girl's goal patch (pink soccer ball), and he said, "I'll take it!" The kids crowd around to see what patches are being distributed and covet them all season long. We've used them around the matting on photos, on practice shirts and on game shorts. In fact, my kid - marking a stud opposing player - ran around for a half hanging on to a hustle patch (lightning bolt) that was partially ripped from his shorts. He couldn't let it get lost! I've literally given out hundreds and hundreds of these patches over the past two seasons and they're a huge hit. Thanks.

--Jeff, Middle School Soccer Coach

U6 Soccer Coach

At first I thought the soccer patches were just a gimmick, but after using them for a week and a half I can definitely see how and why they are important. The patches have gotten 1 kid to never use his hands (he used them all the time the first practice), gotten one kid to keep playing after he got hit in the stomach, and gotten one kid to play even though he didn't want to because he was too cold, and another to practice when he was scared to play. That last kid held the patch in his hand the entire practice. Now my son asks for patches for doing stuff around the house. ("Dad, I just picked up my toys, can I get a badge?") They are awesome. My son had to sit out this past game because he was sick and when I got home he asked me if everyone got a patch. He was disappointed that he wasn't able to get one for this game. Man, I could type about this for hours but in short: everything you recommend is great. I wish I could sing your praises from the mountaintops so that more people would buy your stuff.

--Tommy, U6 coach, TX

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