Soccer Age

A player's "Soccer Age" refers to the age group a player is placed in, such as "Under 8" (also called U8), and can be different for different leagues. "Soccer Age" is usually either based on the Calendar Year or the School Year. Ask your League how they determine "Soccer Age" and what age group your child is in. If the "Soccer Age" is based on the School Year, then it is usually based on how old the player was on the last July 31 (for example, if a player was nine as of July 31, they will stay in the "Under-10" (U10) group until the following July 31, at which time they will move up to the U11 group). Keep in mind that a child who was born toward the end of the Soccer Age group is almost a year younger than children born near the first of the Soccer Age group, and at early ages, the older children are often larger and more physically and mentally advanced. Many leagues will let a player "play up" in an older group, but they usually won't let a player play down in a younger group.

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