Soccer Lines

a.  The general rule is that the lines on the field are part of the area they define & as long as any part of the ball is on the line it is considered to be within the area.

b.  The ball must totally cross the side line or end line to be out-of-bounds.

c.  The ball must totally cross the imaginary plane of the goal line (inside the goal of course) in order for a goal to be scored.

d.  The thrower on a throw-in may step on the side line & is only considered to have crossed the line if one or both feet entirely cross the line. (This seems to contradict the other rule, but it is true).

e.  On a goal kick, corner kick or kick off, the ball may be placed on the line. (It is considered to be on the line if any part of it is touching the line).

f.  On the kick off, a player may be standing on the line.

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