Soccer Over Coaching

Over Coaching means controlling or trying to "program" a team to the point that they have no creativity & can't think for themselves. (Soccer is different from American Football in that the game is more continuous & players must make many decisions. It is more like basketball, except you can't call time outs).

Over Coaching has been criticized, and rightly so. Some of these critics argue that "The Game Is The Best Teacher". There is some truth to this, but my experience is that the best approach is for the coach to teach technique and basic terms & concepts but also to incorporate small sided play, practice games that teach technique or tactics, or "situational scrimmages" (like the "Corner Kick Simulation" Practice Game on SoccerHelp Premium). One role for a soccer coach is to show the right way, to teach basic terms & concepts, and to teach players the "rules" to guide their decision-making (see "Coaching Rules") & then let them play. I can't imagine a child who wouldn't benefit from being taught proper technique and basic soccer terms, concepts & rules. "Over Coaching" is bad, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't teach kids how to play. Thinking of yourself as a teacher & not as a coach may help you avoid the tendency to over coach. (See "The Game Is The Best Teacher" & "Small Sided").

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