Soccer Drill to Teach Receiving, One Touch & How to Pass While Running Video
Video Preview of the Dribble Around Cone and Pass Relay Race Soccer Drill

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This is a preview of a video that shows how to teach players to Play Faster, show that teams who play faster will win, how to Play Fast, Aggressive Receiving, the concept of One-Touch and that One-Touch is a way to play faster, to pass ASAP instead of holding the ball too long, Passing while running and under pressure, speed dribbling, turning while dribbling, importance of "first-touch", receivers to move to the ball and how to receive the ball at game speed. It is about the Dribble Around Cone & Pass Race Practice Game, which is a copyrighted SoccerHelp exclusive and was invented by us.

Detailed Instructions for the Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Raceā„¢ Practice Game (U-8 and older)

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